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Security Shutters

Here at Security Shutters, we specialise in keeping your property safe. Every item for sale on our site has gone through stringent testing, ensuring it meets the highest possible industry standards. What's more, our prices are amongst the lowest in the UK, meaning you simply won't get a better deal online or offline.

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Security Products

If you want to give your property the security it deserves, start browsing our product range today.

Security Shutter Doors

Security Shutters is a manufacturer and installer of high quality security shutter doors and other point-of-entry security products. Our professional team install burglar bars, security shutters, and industrial security doors. We have security products for all types of building and that can be customised to fit your doors, windows, and other points of entry. Don’t leave the security of your premises, or your products and belongings, to chance.

Security Shutter Manufacturer

We use high quality materials in the manufacture of our security shutters. The materials are designed for security and also for longevity and durability. All products are then tested to ensure that they prevent burglary, vandalism, and damage. Have your security shutters delivered ready for installation, or utilise our experienced installation team to do the work for you.

Security Shutter Repairs And Maintenance

If repairs are needed, we also provide timely and emergency repair services and can arrange regular maintenance for your point-of-entry security products. Regular maintenance can help to prevent minor problems from becoming major issues, and while all of our security products are built to last, a regular maintenance plan will further prolong their life.

If you have suffered a break-in, whether it was successful or not, it can greatly reduce the integrity of your security shutters and roller doors. Emergency security shutter repairs help ensure that your bars, grilles, rollers, and doors continue to provide the level of security that you need.

Protect Your Assets

Whether you manage a warehouse or you maintain multiple shops and sites, protecting your inventory and equipment is important. Inventory shrinkage and theft cost UK businesses a considerable amount of money every year. According to UK government figures, 8% of wholesale and retail businesses experienced incidents of burglary or attempted burglary in 2014, while 10% suffered attacks of vandalism in the same year.

The loss of stock and inventory not only means that you could be faced with the loss of stock investment, but you will lose business and may have to pay higher prices to have replacement goods delivered. As well as looking for ways to reduce shoplifting and theft by employees, install more secure industrial doors and roller shutters to prevent theft from occurring.

Secure Your Business

The wholesale and retail sector isn’t the only one that is targeted by burglars and would-be criminals. The agriculture, forestry, and fishing sector actually registered 11% of businesses targeted by burglars and 8% that were victims of vandalism. This includes the theft of expensive farming machinery and agricultural equipment.

Having tractors and machinery stolen not only means having to replace the equipment but it also means a huge loss of potential earnings while you wait for the insurance company to replace mission-critical equipment. CCTV and surveillance systems can help with investigations after the fact, but it is the quality of your security shutters and security doors that will ultimately prevent the theft from occurring in the first place.

Point-Of-Entry Security Products

Whether you need high quality and proven security products to install yourself, or you require installation and ongoing maintenance, contact Security Shutters today to buy security doors for your business. Provide us with details of what you need and we will provide you with a no-obligation, free quote for the work.

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