Insulated Roller Shutters

Our insulated roller shutters are designed to provide high levels of heat insulation as well as unbeatable security for your commercial or industrial property.

insulated roller shutters

How do insulated roller shutters work?

Unlike standard roller shutters, the laths of this variety have been filled with a highly insulating material. This material is very efficient when it comes to holding heat, but also incredibly lightweight, meaning that the shutters function just like normal with exceptional levels of reliability.

Aside from the insulating material inside the shutters, the door in which they are installed is fitted with extra brushes and rubber seals. This helps to prevent tiny gaps between the shutters and the frame and minimises draughts around the edges of the door.

What benefits do insulated roller doors provide?

A great deal of heat can be lost via roller shutters, and for businesses with roller doors in large factories or warehouses, which require a great deal of energy to heat, this can be an incredibly expensive waste. Insulated roller shutters are a fantastic solution as they help to trap in heat without compromising on the levels of convenience and security that roller shutters provide.

For residential properties, insulated roller doors are ideal for use on garages to protect cars or expensive garden equipment from theft or damage. Attached garages are responsible for a huge amount of heat loss from the home, but with insulated roller shutters, this can be significantly reduced.

Can insulated roller shutters reduce sound pollution?

A fantastic secondary benefit of insulated roller doors is their ability to reduce sound. For industrial premises this can be helpful in not only preventing indoor sound from being heard outdoors, but to minimise distracting traffic noise or industrial noise from neighbouring buildings.

Choose exceptional quality

As with all the products offered here at Security Shutters, we manufacture our insulated roller shutters in order to guarantee impeccable quality. With over 35 years' experience in the industry, we know how to choose the best materials and manufacturing techniques to make every insulated shutter as efficient and secure as possible.

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