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Security Shutter Doors has been manufacturing high quality point-of-entry security products for 35 years. We manufacture and supply durable grilles, shutters, and roller doors that are designed to protect your property and your belongings. Our products are used for residential, commercial, and industrial security, and as well as supplying the products we also offer installation services.

Our professional team provides regular maintenance, to ensure your continued security and, if damage has occurred, we can also be called on for emergency repair services. Security Shutter Doors uses durable and strong materials, as well as tried and trusted manufacturing techniques. All of our security products undergo rigorous quality control tests, ensuring that all of our customers enjoy the same exceptional service.


The most effective point-of-entry security will usually include a number of components. As well as CCTV, top quality locks, and even manned security guards or patrols, businesses need to utilise high quality point-of-entry security. At Security Shutter Doors we choose materials and create designs that provide the best possible levels of security.

Grilles Grilles tend to be used outside shops and commercial properties, but also offices and office buildings. Our security grilles are produced to prevent entry, but they are easy to open and close, and their unobtrusive design and the fact that they let light into the room means that they can be used in offices and waiting areas too. Doors Security shutter doors are our primary products. Made from stainless steel, they are manufactured to last and to prevent any unauthorised access to your property. From industrial to retail properties, we can supply barrel, curtain, or portcullis curtain doors to meet the dimensions of your building and to match your security product requirements. Shutters As well as producing standard steel roller shutters, we also manufacture insulated roller shutters. Following rigorous quality control checks, insulated shutters include an insulating material between the layers of the shutter. Additional rubber seals and brushes are also used to help prevent tiny holes that let drafts through.


Quality is vital to everything we do at Security Shutter Doors. All of our products are designed to the highest standard. Because we manufacture the products we sell, it means that we can be sure that every product we sell meets our exacting standards. Our customers can enjoy peace of mind from the security that our products offer. To ensure this quality we also undertake rigorous and extensive quality control checks on every one of our product ranges. When you have security shutters or doors supplied by us, you are assured of the highest possible quality.

Commercial And Residential Security Products

Point-of-entry security products are most commonly used for commercial and industrial premises. They help minimise inventory loss, they prevent theft, and they can secure against vandalism and other criminal damage. We supply products to installation services and also directly to premises like shops and offices, industrial units, and even to residential premises. As well as manufacturing and supplying point-of-entry security products, we also offer maintenance and repair services for all of the products that we supply.

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