Security Shutter Doors

Our premier security shutter doors come in a number of designs and specifications, so they can be used in all kinds of building environments and sizes. We are pleased to offer the following types to our clients:

security shutter doors

Security Shutter Doors

Our security shutter doors are manufactured from high quality materials and are designed for durability, as well as to secure the entrance or windows to your shop or commercial building. At Security Shutter Doors we manufacture and supply a range of point of entry security products. We also offer installation and fitting, emergency repairs, and routine maintenance. We offer a number of different styles of security door including barrel and curtain shutters, but also portcullis steel curtains, so whatever your security requirements and whatever the size and shape of entrance that you need protecting, we manufacture and install the products to make it happen.

Our security shutters can be used on any commercial or industrial premises. In these situations, the doors tend to endure a lot of heavy use and the shutters often need to be extremely large in size, in order to fit the required points of entry. With a choice of mechanical or electric security shutters, you can choose the level and type of security protection that you enjoy. Although mechanically operated security doors are used less rarely in these situations, we can still provide and install them for you, if this is what you need.


Barrel curtains are made from stainless steel tubes. They include a balance spring and oil-lite bearings. Their construction means that curtain security shutters are easy to use and simple to operate. Bearing blocks placed at either end also help to ensure that the curtain shutters close easily, as well.


Curtain security shutters are usually manually operated via a handle at the bottom or side of the shutter. Galvanised bars form the ends of the shutters, and the stainless steel curtain offers exceptional levels of security. These are the types of entry security that are used as external security shutters for windows as well as doors on shops because a single curtain can cover the whole shop front.

Portcullis Curtain

The portcullis curtain is an alternative curtain design. It uses steel rods placed in the same kind of layout and design as you see in a brick wall and it combines this with cylindrical aluminium links. The vertical links make the curtain more flexible while still ensuring the best possible levels of security, while the steel side guides ensure that you can easily open and close the security gates without them becoming jammed or leaving open sections.

External Electric Shutters

Our steel security doors can be manufactured and installed with mechanical operation or as external electric shutters. Electric shutters use an electric motor and can be operated using a simple button mechanism. This negates the need to have to manually open the barrel or curtain security shutters and modern electrical mechanisms mean that doors open and close quicker without you having to pay extra for a faster motor.

As well as manufacturing steel security shutter doors, we can supply them for you to install, or we also offer a professional installation service. We also provide routine maintenance and emergency repair services, helping prolong the life of your security shutter doors and ensure that they continue to protect your commercial or retail property.