Security Grilles for Windows and Doors

Security Grilles: Ensuring Security at Every Step

security grilles

Security Grilles

Retractable security grilles can be used for shops, offices, commercial property, and even in industrial settings. They offer unobtrusive protection, are usually fitted indoors, and they allow light to enter a room or property without compromising the security of the building. With upper and lower tracks to ensure that the grilles remain in place as well as open and close smoothly, security grilles are easy to operate, can be locked and unlocked as required, and their design means that they look equally good in offices as they do in shops and even industrial units.

Your Security System

Protecting a commercial property means combining CCTV, human guarding, and point of entry security. While solid curtain rollers and solid doors offer the level of protection typically required for rear doors and for warehouse or stock room doors, these can be overly obtrusive, and even unnecessary, for shop windows and for front access doors. Our window security grilles for UK businesses are unobtrusive but they do offer a high level of security for some entry points, which makes them an important addition to your security.

Unobtrusive Security Grilles

As well as offering excellent security for your property, security grilles and gates are also considered especially beneficial for shops because they still allow people to see in. You should conduct a risk analysis to determine whether there is any risk of having your premises broken into or your property stolen. You should also determine the most likely points of entry, which points require heavy duty security, and whether you can benefit from our durable, high quality, and unobtrusive security grilles for doors and windows.

Security Grilles For Doors And Windows

Security grilles are most commonly used for windows. They easily fit inside the property, although can also be used outside a property thanks to the lock and key mechanism that they utilise. However, you can use security grilles for doors and windows. Using grilles to protect the door, as well as your shop window, means that you can enjoy a uniform look on the outside of your property, and you can still benefit from the same high quality security.

Security Grille Price

At Security Shutter Doors we manufacture high quality point-of-entry security products like door and window security grilles. We use high quality steel and aluminium, and as well as producing the security products, we also supply them to fitters and installation companies. Using our professional security installation service means that we can assess your security needs, measure up, and ensure that the products are fitted as securely as possible. The installation of security grilles is as important as the quality of the products; poorly fitted products can lead to security holes that can quickly become security breaches.

Security Shutter Doors

Once fitted, we also offer routine maintenance and emergency repair services. Damage to security grilles and shutters can make it easier for criminals and vandals to get through doors and windows. Through routine maintenance, you can reduce the risk of this happening, but even attempted break-ins can leave your property insecure and your security grilles in need of repair. Contact Security Shutter Doors about all of your security product needs.