Window & Door Security Bars

Window Security Bars – Security And Convenience

Fixed window security bars from Security Shutters are ideal for medium to high security requirements. They can be used outside Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) or outside store fronts. They still allow visibility through the window while preventing criminal damage to the window or theft from the property. Anti-burglar bars can be fitted inside or outside the window, usually depending on the model chosen, and they offer a cost effective but effective means of preventing burglary. These bars are made to high standards. They not only provide security but are designed, by the Security Shutters team, for easy maintenance and a long life.

Internal Window Bars

The most effective application of window security bars requires installation inside the property. The point where the bars are fixed to the outside of the property can be considered a weak point in a lot of applications. Installation within the property means that this isn’t a problem.

Durability And Security

The security bars need to be manufactured from durable material that cannot be broken or damaged through cutting or through physical damage. Steel tends to be considered the most effective material, because it can be worked to create the shape and layout that is required, and it is both effective and an affordable material. If the bars are to be used outside, then you need to choose window security bars that will not rust. External security bars, especially when used on shops and retail fronts, need to look attractive too.

Security Shutters’ Anti-Burglar Bars

All Security Shutters’ products, including window security bars and door security bars are put through rigorous testing and stringent quality control after production. We can provide the bars for you to install on your own property, for use by contractors and security companies, or our professional installation team can ensure that they offer total security for your property.

At Security Shutters we offer a full service. As well as installation, we offer a regular maintenance contract, ensuring that your bars are kept in top condition, that they are free from rust, and that any minor issues are quickly resolved and any repairs made. Taking pre-emptive action in this way means that your anti-burglar bars enjoy a longer life and you can reduce the potential cost of repairs later. If your security bars do become damaged, then you need to get them repaired quickly and professionally.

Damaged security products provide burglars and would-be thieves with a potential means of entry. At Security Shutters, we offer an emergency repair service so that you can complete the required repairs and enjoy a secure property again.

Contact us today to get a free quote for your window security bars. Find out how our installation, maintenance, and repair services can complement your business and help ensure the security of your premises.

Security Grilles

An alternative to anti-burglar bars are sliding security grilles. These offer similar levels of security, but they can be opened and retracted according to the exact requirements at the time. The grille can be left open during the day, allowing access to doors and visibility through windows, and the shutters can be closed at night. Like window security bars, grilles can prevent vandalism to property, which can be a major problem in town and city properties.

Sliding grilles do tend to require more maintenance than fixed security bars because of the moving mechanisms. At Security Shutters we not only manufacture high quality security products, and install them for many of our clients, but we also provide ongoing maintenance contracts as well as emergency repair services.